Our faith extends beyond Sunday worship. As people of God we are inspired to lead lives of service, loving our neighbors and sharing the good news of Christ. Calvin church reaches out to its neighborhood, city and world through many programs.

In the City

Since 1969, Calvin Church has provided clothing to children and adults in need. Now operating from a facility dedicated to this ministry, Family Assistance provides clothing for over 3,000 children and adults each year, referred through various local social service organizations, the Grand Rapids Jaycees and local schools. The support of an annual operating budget from the church, donations, and dedicated volunteers make this amazing work possible. The directors find bargains in winter coats, boots, shoes and underwear, and also fabrics. Women, men and youth all contribute volunteer hours to clean, sort and mend thousands more donated pieces of clothing. Those who sew create sweat suits, pajamas and nightgowns. Others assemble packages of clothes to outfit children and entire families to fill the requests.

Calvin Church has a long history of helping families resettle and adjust to life in the United States. Now in partnership with Bethany Christian Services, Calvin serves regularly as a co-sponsor to refugees new to our community. Church members prepare an apartment with necessities and meet the new arrivals at the airport. They also provide companionship and mentoring, English tutoring, bus training and ongoing cultural assistance for the first three to six months after the refugees’ arrival to ensure a smooth transition to their new home.

As a host congregation, Calvin Church participates four times a year in Family Promise of Grand Rapids. Engaging in the struggle to end homelessness and to make a difference in families’ lives, we provide meals and sleeping quarters for one week for a selection of homeless families who are in the process of obtaining jobs and new living arrangements. Volunteers make and serve evening meals and provide breakfast, lunch, and snack materials for our guests throughout the week. Volunteers also provide playtime and help with the children, and stay overnight in the church during the week. The participating families are involved in programming at the Family Promise Center during the day.

Our Kids Hope program partners with Campus Elementary School, just two blocks from our church building. Our directors work with the school to identify students who could benefit from mentorship and also to identify other ways Calvin Church can support the staff and student body, such as staff treats and supplies for classrooms. Volunteer mentors meet with a student once a week during school hours to build a caring relationship with time spent on academics, fun activities and life skills.

This unique store, located at 2055-28th Street SE, in the Grand Central Plaza, was begun over 25 years ago by Calvin Church members to assist families in third-world countries. A range of beautifully hand-crafted items and works of art, jewelry and linens are displayed for sale. The funds realized from sales help artisans and their families gain a better standard of living. Volunteers staff the store, and are always ready to welcome you and help you find the perfect thing for yourself, your home, or a special gift. See them on the web at www.globalgiftsgr.com

Eastown Ministries is an outreach organization located just a few blocks from Calvin Church. The collaboration with Eastown provides holistic, evangelistic programming for neighborhood children in our community. We support the program with a basketball evening (Thursdays) in the Calvin Church Fellowship Hall as well as participation in the Eastown Ministries summer VBS, seasonal field trip outings, and mentoring.

About four times a year, through the Michigan Community Blood Center, our church hosts a blood drive in which many of our members happily participate. See them on the web at www.versiti.org

Throughout the years, Calvin Church has supported local ministries that promote community care, relief for needs, and social justice. Members are active volunteers in many programs. Calvin Church also commits financial support currently to the following organizations.

Calvin Church proudly supports the following organizations


Calvin Church supports the following missionaries with funds and prayers.

Nathan, Peter, John, Ruth
Community Cloud Forest Conservation
Coban, Guatemala

Rob and Tara work with remote mountain villages in the central highlands of Guatemala. Their work focuses on alleviating poverty and ending malnutrition through ecological improvements to agriculture and helping young people access education beyond the 6th grade. By word and example the Cahills are bringing the message of God’s love.

c/o Christian Reformed World Missions USA
1700 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508-1407
dkromminga@crcna.org      mbuteyn@crcna.org
The Krommingas will work in cooperation with the Berliner Stadtmission, a 137-year-old mission to Germany’s capital city. Of the more than one million refugees that arrived in Germany in the last year 60,000 came to Berlin. The opportunities for our involvement are abundant: pastoral care, language education, leadership training for new Christians, and worship in easy German.

Anneke, Peter, Andre
Ann – Exegetical Adviser, Central African Republic, Africa
1824 Observatory, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Ray and Ann live in Grand Rapids MI, and Ann continues to work full time for Wycliffe Bible Translators, traveling several times a year to the Central African Republic. in CAR Ann helps African Bible translators through training and checking their translations for exegetical accuracy, and she continues that work by email and Skype when she is  in the U.S. Ray works as a pilot in Holland, MI.

Garret, Henry, Sam
O.P.1, C.P. 31
Târgu Mures, MS 540600
smichmerhuizen@crcna.org      janmichmerhuizen@gmail.com

Steve and Jan are  missionaries in  Târgu Mures, Romania. They are working to create Transformational Networks throughout the country to encourage and strengthen churches and ministries that are reaching out to their youth and communities.

Michael (husband), Hannah, Noah
International Coordinator, Discipling Marketplace Leaders
Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, USA
International Christian Ministries, CRWM
Renita is working on church-based business as mission, through a ministry called Disciplining Marketplace Leaders, which seeks to help the church disciple business people as Marketplace Ministers. This program is currently in Kenya, Egypt, and Ghana and will be starting in the US, Nigeria, and Uganda in 2016.

Wycliffe – USA
PO Box 8633
Tucson, AZ 85738
wade_remer@wycliffe.org           joy_remer@wycliffe.org
Wade and Joy are serving in the U.S. with Wycliffe Bible Translators, reaching out to Mexican immigrants who speak the indigenous languages of Mexico, helping them find Bibles in their
heart language online in both audio and printed form. They visit people groups, ministries and churches, demonstrating the use of ScriptureEarth.org and other tools for accessing the Scriptures in different languages.

World Renew/CRWRC
814 W. Cass St.
St. Johns, MI 48879
anthonysytsma@gmail.com               saraesytsma@gmail.com
blog: http://anthsara.blogspot.com
Anthony and Sara are serving with World Renew in Uganda. Anthony is teaching pastors using Timothy Leadership Training. Sara is assisting a Ugandan Pentecostal development organization in its agricultural -development efforts.

Anna Emi
Tokyo Christian University
2-3-1-101 Harayama
Inzai, Chiba 270-1341
David is teaching at Tokyo Christian University as assistant professor in the program Asian Christian Theological Studies for English Speakers. This semester he is teaching a course on “History and Theology of the Reformation and Evangelicalism.” His students come from all around the world.

Samuel, Micah
CRHM – The House
PO Box 51212
Seattle, WA 98115
brianturnbull72@msn.com       turnbullbets@hotmail.com
The Turnbulls are missionaries in the heart of Seattle. Their work involves an intentional immersion into the tapestry of their community, where they find natural ways to connect and gather with people. This project includes community development, discipleship of new believers, and a weekly gathering around Word and sacraments.

Scott, Audrey, Julie, Charlotte
Trans World Radio – International
1736 Aidenn Lair Rd.
Dresher, PA 19025
Carol and Daryl are working with the Bonaire Transmitter Upgrade Project. The Van Dykens now live in Philadelphia, but Daryl travels to Africa and Europe in his assignments, and Carol now works in the TWR Stewardship/Fund Development Department.

Mark trains teams of local school teachers as in-service leaders for their local colleagues. The Educational Care (EC) training program is used to address root needs.

  • Biblical worldview
  • Preventive & corrective discipline
  • How students learn
  • Purpose & value of one’s school
  • Developing student gifts
  • Leadership in schools

Meshing lessons and management with biblical worldview is benefiting administrators and teachers. In EC, action planning is used to practice concepts and skills.

Teachers’ thinking expands. Observers are telling about visible improvements at school. Godly truth is linking subjects to life. Teachers are crafting lessons that develop student gifts. Biblical integration is improving student achievement.

Anne is Superintendent for Hillcrest’s elementary, middle and high schools.

Internationally respected, Hillcrest School was founded in 1942 for the children of missionaries. Now, 75 years later, both Hillcrest’s staff and students are more international. Anne is helping Hillcrest chart a course for godly stewardship and witness for the next 75 years. Hillcrest provides rigorous Christian education for international and Nigerian families that work in missions and other professions. Its graduates are making a difference in government, business, churches, and military, in Nigeria and worldwide.

Mark and Anne are both grateful to be serving in education in Nigeria.

Noah, Elsa, Ruth
University Christian Outreach
1312 Giddings Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
David and Sarah serve locally and regionally with University Christian Outreach in organizational leadership, staff support, and teaching for our evangelistic and discipleship efforts on college campuses. They also lead a young professionals outreach group in Grand Rapids.

Multiple Missionaries in countries where it is unsafe to post information about their work.

Russian Broadcast. Bringing the Gospel to those who long to hear it in Russia.


International student support.


Campus Chapel is a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church to the University of Michigan. For over sixty years, its mission has been to foster a community of students, faculty and others devoted to “loving God with heart and mind” in all that God has called them to do. Sitting on the border of central campus, the Chapel is located at 1236 Washtenaw Ct. between Geddes and South University. Our number is (734) 668-7421.


In one of the poorest areas of the country, this local ministry reaches out with explicitly Christian and practical service to needy folks.


A ministry to assist men lost in the penal systems of the area.


Through the guiding light of God’s Spirit, Guiding Light partners with individuals to fulfill their God-given potential through rescue, recovery and re-engagement in the community.


Facebook: GVSU InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Equipping a new generation of Bible teachers.


Funds are designated to help students who come from other countries to study at Kuyper College.


This ministry reaches across the racial and economic barriers to encourage and show love in Christ’s name.


Disaster Response Relief.


In the continuing ministry among the Zuni in New Mexico, the Zuni Christian Mission School provides a high-quality Christian education that is Biblical and reformed in world-view and reaches about 80 students in grades K-8, 85% of whom are from non-Christian homes.