Read Isaiah 29-32.

“Ariel” means altar hearth, so the opening lines of this portion of Isaiah tell us that we are going to observe a bloody, religious event.  I see the following themes running through this portion of scripture:

Warnings from God

  • Against insincerity, injustice, complacency, oppression, deceitfulness
  • Against the nations that oppose Jerusalem
  • Against Israel for putting their trust in any other than God

The mysterious justice and compassion of God

  • Those nations sent against Israel are punished
  • Those who cannot see, hear, understand, or read are condemned
  • Violence, killing, and bloodshed bring about justice and compassion

Salvation comes from God

  • When God’s Spirit is poured out
  • Returning to Him brings blessing, justice, righteousness, truth, clarity, and peace.

Reading these passages prompted me to read Heidelberg Catechism # 21 again.  Q. What is true faith?  A. True faith is not only a knowledge and conviction that everything God reveals in his Word is true; it is also a deep-rooted assurance, created in me by the Holy Spirit through the gospel, that, out of sheer grace earned for us by Christ, not only others, but I too, have had my sins forgiven, have been made forever right with God, and have been granted salvation.

– Dave Dykgraaf



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