Read Isaiah 5-8.

(Isaiah 5-6) God sings a love song over his vineyard, his people, but the song turns to lament. God looks for fruit but finds thorns; He planted grace but His people yielded greed.  He calls Isaiah to speak for Him until the land is laid waste. But a stump will remain.

(Isaiah 7-8)  Two neighboring armies pound on Jerusalem’s door, threatening God’s people. The people shake in fear. These armies are nothing; their kings pipsqueaks. God is the only King His people should fear, and He’s sending a tsunami — the Assyrians! The Assyrians will sweep over the threatening armies and wash them away.  God’s people too will get flooded and in Assyria’s wake, the land will be a ruin, where people rake through embers, looking for light, a sign of hope.

But God already gave it… a baby named “Immanuel. ” (7:14)

Great King, may I take You seriously, may I fear You more than all the other fears that pound on my door. May I not try to solve my darkness dilemma by looking downwards, scratching through the embers of peddled hopes, but may I turn my face toward your Son.  In His light, may I bear fruit that makes You sing.  Amen.

– Lora Copley



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