Read Isaiah 61-63.

The Lord’s Spirit “anointed Isaiah to preach GOOD NEWS.”  This GOOD NEWS is then explained as promises given for those who “grieve in Zion”. God’s reward is an everlasting covenant for His own. Isaiah praises God for clothing him with “robes of righteousness” and looks forward to “righteousness and praise springing up before all nations”. Also, Isaiah will not keep silent for Zion and Jerusalem’s sake.  Look for the wonderful promises given and keep the challenge in Isaiah 62: 6,7. See the Lord’s proclamation regarding the Savior and God’s day of vengeance and redemption. Commit to what Isaiah was committed to. Claim God’s promises that have been “of old”: His faithfulness, mercies and grace in spite of sin. Let God guide and lead; then His own cannot stray.

– Gert Bokhout


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