read Psalms 72-74

Psalm 73

Loving Father, Your word is filled with promises of Your goodness to Your children, of the many ways You will bless and keep us.  I want to believe those promises, but sometimes they seem fantastical.  There are seasons in my life when it feels as if following You costs me everything and gives nothing.  I see people who are indifferent to You, who flout Your law, who blaspheme Your name, and who mock those of us who belong to You.  Rather than being punished, such people enjoy every success and pleasure; they are admired and praised.  I confess that I am often bitter and resentful over how unfair this seems.  Gracious God, give me a long view of Your purposes.  If for this life only I have hoped in You, then I would be right to despair, but Your providence extends far beyond this life.  Help me to fix my eyes on the day when You will receive me with honor and give me an eternal glory that outweighs all my present troubles.  Open my heart and mind to worship You with other Christians, and may such worship be a cure for my resentment.  The truth of life, no matter what things feel like, is that I am continually with you.  You do not turn your face from me.  You are my portion, my wealth, my success, and my glory.  By your Spirit, change my heart to value being in Your presence over any other treasure.  I pray in the name of Jesus, whose cross lifts me daily nearer to You.  Amen.


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