read Psalms 87-89

Psalm 88 prayer 

O Lord, I call for help by day, and in the night I still must cry.
Regard me, listen to my prayer.
My soul is troubled, I am weak, cut off as one whom you forsake,
forgotten near the pit of death.
Your wrath weighs heavy on me here.  Your angry waves upon me break.
Friends watch in horror from afar.
I am shut in without escape.  My eyes are dim because I weep.
My hands are lifted up to you.
Do you work wonders for the dead?  Can graves tell out your mighty deeds?
There, who can know that you can save?
Lord, do not hide your face from me.  You have afflicted me from youth.
Your anger is destroying me.
Your flood of anger closes in.  The darkness is my closest friend –
shunned and forsaken, all alone.
But I, O Lord, cry out to you.  Each morning I still pray to you.
Lord, do not cut me off from you.

– Stanley Wiersma d. 1986


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