Welcome to our summer online Bible study at Calvin Church.  Anyone is welcome to participate.  Invite a friend to join our discussion.  Each Tuesday during the summer, a new topic will be posted.  Our Bible texts each week will tell a different story from the life of Simon Peter.  You are encouraged to comment below the post, and to respond to the comments of others.  Please be sure your comments contribute to a healthy and positive discussion environment.  Even though we cannot see each other's faces, it is important that we recognize the image of God in one another.

We'll be helped along the way by questions from A Walk Thru the Life of Peter (Baker Books, 2009).  Here's how that study guide introduces Peter:

Brimming with competing strengths and weaknesses, Simon Peter had a nature much like ours.  One minute, he would boldly walk on water.  In the next, he would cry out in mortal fear as he sank.  While wanting with all his heart to act nobly, he frequently found himself taking the easy way out.  At times when he should have remained quiet, he opened his mouth and said things he instantly regretted.  He was the spiritual equivalent of someone biting off more than he can chew.

If you can relate to Peter wanting to do one thing but coming up short, then there's good news.  Just as Jesus never gave up on Peter, he will never give up on you.  And just as Peter eventually grew to become the follower of Jesus he desperately wanted to be, God has the same plans for you.


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