Read Acts 10:34-11:18.

Read the following questions, and pick one or two to respond to in the comments below.  Or, respond to someone else’s comment with a question or comment of your own.

What do you think of Peter's summary of the gospel in 10:36-43?  What does he seem to emphasize?  What does he choose to leave out?  If you were preaching a sermon on these verses, what title would you give the sermon? (in other words, how could you summarize this already-short summary of the gospel?)

In 11:18, we see that Peter has convinced his fellow Jews that he made the right decision by baptizing the Gentiles.  If you were in their shoes, would you have found Peter's argument convincing?

Have you experienced a time in which you came to see the community of believers more broadly than you did before?  A time in which you began to see as “insiders” those you had previously considered “outsiders”?  In 11:17 Peter says, “If then God gave them the same gift that he gave us when we believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I that I could hinder God?”  When Peter said “them,” he was referring to Gentiles.  If you were to speak this sentence, who would be “them”?

Questions from A Walk Thru the Life of Peter (repeated from Part 1 last week):

How would you respond if God told you to do something that would violate one of your long-held personal values?

If the Spirit dramatically manifested himself among people who had never been to church or read the Bible, would you be more likely to feel jealous or praise God?  Why?


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