The name of our church goes back to the sixteenth-century Reformer John Calvin, who zealously defended the scriptural teaching of the sovereignty of God.   Our congregation first met in 1946 on the campus of Calvin College, then located on Franklin Street, one block west of our facility.


We identify ourselves as Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, whom we confess to be God’s Son sent into our world to redeem human beings from their sin and misery. In his life and teaching, Jesus proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom of God; in his death and resurrection we experience the power to live a life for God; and in the promise of his coming again, we have the hope of victory over sin and evil.


The word Reformed identifies our church’s roots in the sixteenth-century Reformation, a movement by which Protestant churches reaffirmed the centrality of the Bible as the authority for doctrine and life. As we continue to call ourselves Reformed, we commit ourselves to be a church always reforming and being reformed by God’s Spirit to reflect faithfulness to God and his Word.


As a church we confess that we are called and set apart by God. As citizens of his kingdom in a broken and sinful world, we attempt to be faithful to God in thought, word, and deed and to separate ourselves from evil through the workings of God’s grace.