Rob & Tara Cahill
     Nathan, Peter, John, Ruth
     Community Cloud Forest Conservation
     Coban, Guatemala
Rob and Tara work with remote mountain villages in the central highlands of Guatemala. Their work focuses on alleviating poverty and ending malnutrition through ecological improvements to agriculture and helping young people access education beyond the 6th grade. By word and example the Cahills are bringing the message of God’s love.
Andy & Linda Horlings
     CRWM – Nigeria, West Africa
     c/o CRWM Nigeria Courier
     1700 28th St SE
     Grand Rapids, MI 49508-1407
The Horlings are involved in many facets of ministry in Nigeria: logistical support, Africa Christian Textbooks literature distribution, Hausa Bible translation and discipleship materials. Both are involved in discipleship of their staff as well as Muslim background believers.
David Kromminga and Mary Buteyn
c/o Christian Reformed World Missions USA
1700 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508-1407
The Krommingas will work in cooperation with the Berliner
Stadtmission, a 137-year-old mission to Germany’s capital city. Of
the more than one million refugees that arrived in Germany in the last
year 60,000 came to Berlin. The opportunities for our involvement
are abundant: pastoral care, language education, leadership training
for new Christians, and worship in easy German.
 Ray & Ann Kapteyn
     Anneke, Peter, Andre
     Ann –  Exegetical Adviser, Central African Republic, Africa
     1824 Observatory, Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Ray and Ann live in Grand Rapids MI, and Ann continues to work full time for Wycliffe Bible Translators, traveling several times a year to the Central African Republic. in CAR Ann helps African Bible translators through training and checking their translations for exegetical accuracy, and she continues that work by email and Skype when she is  in the U.S. Ray works as a pilot in Holland, MI.
 Steve & Janis Michmerhuizen
     Garret, Henry, Sam
     O.P.1, C.P. 31
     Târgu Mures, MS 540600
Steve and Jan are  missionaries in  Târgu Mures, Romania. They are working to create Transformational Networks throughout the country to encourage and strengthen churches and ministries that are reaching out to their youth and communities.
Renita Reed Thomson
     Michael (husband), Hannah, Noah
     International Coordinator, Discipling Marketplace Leaders
     Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, USA
     International Christian Ministries, CRWM
Renita is working on church-based business as mission, through a ministry called Disciplining Marketplace Leaders, which seeks to help the church disciple business people as Marketplace Ministers. This program is currently in Kenya, Egypt, and Ghana and will be starting in the US, Nigeria, and Uganda in 2016.
Wade and Joy Remer
Wycliffe – USA
PO Box 8633
Tucson, AZ 85738 
Wade and Joy are serving in the U.S. with Wycliffe Bible
Translators, reaching out to Mexican immigrants who speak the
indigenous languages of Mexico, helping them find Bibles in their
heart language online in both audio and printed form. They visit
people groups, ministries and churches, demonstrating the use of and other tools for accessing the Scriptures in
different languages.
 Anthony & Sara Sytsma
     World Renew/CRWRC
     814 W. Cass St.
     St. Johns, MI 48879 
Anthony and Sara are serving with World Renew in Uganda.  Anthony is teaching pastors using Timothy Leadership Training.  Sara is assisting a Ugandan Pentecostal development organization in its agricultural -development efforts.
David & Hiroko Sytsma
     Anna Emi
     Tokyo Christian University
    2-3-1-101 Harayama
    Inzai, Chiba 270-1341
David is teaching at Tokyo Christian University as assistant professor in the program Asian Christian Theological Studies for English Speakers. This semester he is teaching a course on “History and Theology of the Reformation and Evangelicalism.” His students come from all around the world.
 Brian & Betsy Turnbull
     Samuel, Micah
     CRHM – The House
     PO Box 51212
     Seattle, WA 98115
The Turnbulls are missionaries in the heart of Seattle. Their work involves an intentional immersion into the tapestry of their community, where they find natural ways to connect and gather with people. This project includes community development, discipleship of new believers, and a weekly gathering around Word and sacraments.
Daryl & Carol Van Dyken
     Scott, Audrey, Julie, Charlotte
     Trans World Radio – International
     1736 Aidenn Lair Rd.
     Dresher, PA 19025
Carol and Daryl are working with the Bonaire Transmitter Upgrade Project. The Van Dykens now live in Philadelphia, but Daryl travels to Africa and Europe in his assignments, and Carol now works in the TWR Stewardship/Fund Development Department.
Case & Gremar Van Wyk
     CRWM – Nigeria, West Africa
     c/o CRWM Nigeria Courier
     1700 28th St. SE
     Grand Rapids, MI 49508-1407
Case and Gremar, along with Nigerian staff, are teaching at the Acre Bible School, training indigenous leaders for the CRCN (Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria) in Niger State. Case teaches the men’s class, and Gremar teaches the women’s class.
David and Sarah Williamson
Noah, Elsa, Ruth
University Christian Outreach
1312 Giddings Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
David and Sarah serve locally and regionally with University Christian Outreach in organizational leadership, staff support, and teaching for our evangelistic and discipleship efforts on college campuses. They also lead a young professionals outreach group in Grand Rapids.
Multiple Missionaries in countries where it is unsafe to post information about their work.
Back to God Ministries International
Russian Broadcast. Bringing the Gospel to those who long to hear it in Russia.
Calvin Theological Seminary
International student support.
Campus Chapel
Campus Chapel is a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church to the University of Michigan. For over sixty years, its mission has been to foster a community of students, faculty and others devoted to “loving God with heart and mind” in all that God has called them to do. Sitting on the border of central campus, the Chapel is located at 1236 Washtenaw Ct. between Geddes and South University. Our number is (734) 668-7421.
Cary Christian Center, Mississippi
In one of the poorest areas of the country, this local ministry reaches out with explicitly Christian and practical service to needy folks.
Forgotten Man Ministries, Grand Rapids
A ministry to assist men lost in the penal systems of the area.
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship  
Facebook: GVSU InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
John Stott Ministries
Equipping a new generation of Bible teachers.
Kuyper College
Funds are designated to help students who come from other countries to study at Kuyper College.
Mendenhall Ministries, Mississippi
This ministry reaches across the racial and economic barriers to encourage and show love in Christ’s name.
World Renew
Disaster Response Relief.
Zuni Christian Mission School, New Mexico
In the continuing ministry among the Zuni in New Mexico, the Zuni Christian Mission School provides a high-quality Christian education that is Biblical and reformed in world-view and reaches about 80 students in grades K-8, 85% of whom are from non-Christian homes.