We practice a classical – traditional style of worship which incorporates many rich practices of the worshiping Church throughout history.  Our service is liturgical: we observe the liturgical calendar and follow an order of worship that involves God’s call and response.  Congregational singing is accompanied primarily with organ and piano.

Centered on the Word

The worship service is rooted in and focused on the Word of God. Scripture is read throughout the service and serves as the foundation for the sermon.  The liturgical culmination of our worship is the preaching of the Word.  Throughout our history, our church has emphasized the importance of biblical, confessional, and thoughtful preaching that challenges people to turn to Christ and to grow as his disciples.

Musical Excellence

In worship we bring praise and thanksgiving to God and hope and encouragement to his people.  Music is an integral part of our worship.  While we strive for musical excellence, music is not looked upon as performance but as an offering to God that is always integrated into the fabric of the service and is supportive of other worship elements.