Welcome to our Nursery located on the main floor immediately to the left when you come in the covered entryway.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide a child-care program that is enjoyable for the children and where you can feel comfortable leaving your child.  We see nursery care as more than baby-sitting and believe that early experiences at church may color later attitudes toward God and church.  We wish to help you lay a foundation for your child’s walk with the Lord.

During infant baptism we all promise to “receive these children in love, pray for them, help instruct them in the faith, and lead them by our examples to be Christ’s disciples”.  We intend to keep that promise!  Your suggestions are always welcome.  Please give your comments to a Nursery Committee member or drop a note in the suggestion box located in the Nursery Drop-off area.  Thank you in advance for your input.

How Our Nursery Works

The nursery is staffed by

  • Nursery Committee members, who rotate responsibilities every five to six weeks for the morning service.
  • Adult church member volunteers, sometimes along with their families.
  • Middle-school-age church members.

Representatives of the Nursery Committee, or Nursery Supervisors whose members are made up of Calvin Church mothers with young children, are always on staff when the nursery is open.

Our nursery is divided into four areas:

  1. Drop-off area
  2. Nursing/Quiet Room
  3. Infant Nursery
  4. Toddler Nursery

The Nursery will be staffed by at least one Nursery Committee member along with other volunteers from our congregation.


Infant Nursery: This room is for newborns through early walkers.  Cribs, swings, bouncy seats, walkers and toys are provided for the children as well as well as rocking chairs and a couch for the caregivers.

Toddler Nursery: When children are walking reasonably well they are moved into the Toddler Nursery.  Walking toys, a play house, toddler tables and many other age appropriate toys are provided.

Nursing Room: Also known as the Quiet Room, this room is provided for nursing mothers or for infants who may need some quiet rocking.  The room is equipped with comfortable seating and the capability to listen to the service in progress.

Beyond Nursery: The step beyond the Toddler Nursery is our TLC (The Little Children) program.  Children move into the 2s’ room in September if they are two by September or October.  The TLC rooms are located downstairs.