Cadets is a boys club for 2nd through 6th graders. This program is designed to help boys grow closer to Christ while engaging in discussions, projects, and activities. Cadets meet twice per month, generally on Wednesday evenings.

GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior)

GEMS is a club for girls in grades two through six. The program involves discussions, crafts, and activities that are designed by volunteer leaders to help the girls cultivate attitudes of Christian living and service. GEMS meets twice per month, generally on Wednesday evenings.

Middle School


78ers is the 7th and 8th grade youth group which meets twice monthly for times of fellowship, discussion, and service. The 78ers youth group is open to visitors and friends.

High School


CYG (Calvin Youth Group) is the high school youth group. The program is made up of caring adult leaders and ninth through twelfth grade youth who seek to further their spiritual growth and commitment in their walk with God. Visitors and friends are warmly welcomed. CYG meets at least three times monthly for activities, service, fundraising, and discussion time. In the summer, the youth participate in a spiritual growth trip which can involve a trip to Youth Unlimited Convention, a service trip, or a mission trip.